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Tell Me More! How Do I Succeed in the Mobile Grooming Business?


To begin with, and as we mentioned above, you will need to be a certified mobile groomer able to groom all kinds of dog breeds with different styles as well as cats. In order to achieve this, you'll need to attend a pet grooming school.

One school we recommend is Groom USA Grooming School. Their schooling is five weeks long and you'll receive three certifications as follow: "Pet Hygienist", "Pet CPR", and "Pet Groomer". The cost is very reasonable. You may visit them on the web at

The second thing you will need is a mobile grooming van or a grooming trailer. As you're attending school, you're van or trailer will be custom built by "Pet grooming Vans" or "New Grooming Trailers". Depending on your budget, the choice is yours. Some individuals prefer a grooming trailer since they cost less, they can be pulled by most trucks, a van, or the family SUV, while other prefer a mobile salon on wheels such as the mobile grooming van. You may visit them on the web at or

Tell Me! How Much Money Can I Make?

Well, that depends on each individual. It depends on how hard you're willing to work. Let's make one thing clear; there are plenty of dogs and cats to go around. It is estimated that there are 4,000 pets per groomer in the U.S. today! The pet industry is a multi billion dollar a year industry.

Sally decides to purchase a mobile pet grooming van. She purchases a brand new Ford F350 extended with a three years – thirty-six-thousand mile warranty, bumper to bumper, and five years on the drive train, fully converted with all the options that a groomer dreams of, for an unbelievable price of $59,995. She puts a small down payment and finances the balance at $1,200/mo.

Unlike a mobile pet grooming van, a storefront salon continues to pay rent, continues to pay employee wages, continues to pay utilities, continue to be committed to be open 6 days a week, 10 hours a day whether it is busy or not, continues to have to renew a lease with an increase every single year, and continues to have to groom a minimum of 10 pets a day just to break even.

Sally is smart, after paying off the mobile grooming van; she has no expenses except for gas, insurance and supplies. Sally only wants to groom five dogs or cats a day at an average of $75 each which she figured would include tips. She only wants to work five days a week and she wants to choose her hours.

How much money can Sally make in a month from grooming dogs and cats?

Daily income, no tips included = 75 * 5 = $375
Weekly = $375 * 5 = $1875
Monthly = $1875 * 52 / 12 = $8125

Sally’s monthly gross revenue = $8125

Monthly Profit & Loss

Revenue:                                            $8125


Van Payment:         $1200
Insurance:               $200
Gas:                        $600
Supplies:                 $200
Total Expenses:      $2200
Monthly Net Profit:                              $5,925

Annual Net Profit:                                $71,100

When van is paid off:                              $85k+

Believe IT OR Not!!!!!

Did you know that in order to achieve the above mentioned figured all you need is two hundred clients. Pets that is! And you might be asking why and how?

If you groom five pets a day, and you groom each of these pets once every two months, well, do the math, you can't have more than two hundred pet clients. Keep in mind that some homes have two, three, or more pets in one location alone!

How Do I Get Clients?

I'll let you in on a little secret: or will custom build a web site for you if you purchase a mobile grooming van or a grooming trailer from them.

They will optimize your web site to be search engine friendly, and they'll show you how to advertise it.

The second thing I know is that they will teach you how to market your new mobile grooming business from actual experience.

Go ahead and just do it. Make a future for yourself and your loved ones. Never answer to a boss again. Start with your pet grooming school certification from while you're grooming van or grooming trailer is being built!

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grooming van, mobile grooming van, grooming trailer, grooming school